Lumin Magazine is an independent publication that focuses on well-living and mindfulness for people of color. Our magazine consists of beautiful art and well thought out articles that are meant to enlighten + lighten our readers. Our goal is to be a quiet escape from the loud distractions of the world. We aim to keep our readers engaged in learning about ways they can cultivate joy, health, adventure, peace, love, creativity, mindfulness and overall well-being.​​​​​​​
I worked with a team of designers to create this magazine so People of Color have a resource to read about wellness, mental health and have a way to escape the stress of everyday life. 
After agreeing upon a style guide, I created spreads that balanced white space and elements while also emphasizing the accompanying artwork.
I found ways to incorporate writing segments where readers could interact with prompts without closing the pages. By allowing readers to use the magazine as a tool for self care, they are more likely to keep the issue and also refer back to it in the future.
In addition to designing, I provided illustrations for two of the articles. The process of illustrating can be seen here.
Issue 1 of Lumin Magazine is now available for purchase.
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