World of Beer is an international Bar + Kitchen specializing in craft beer and serves American, bar style food.
While working as their in-house designer, I helped create social media graphics, event collateral, billboards and menus for all locations. I worked with their Senior Designer, Social Media Strategist, and Creative Director to create a unified marketing presence across digital and print platforms.
WOB had several food and beverage rollouts every year, and I was tasked with updating menu items, descriptions, and graphics while also creating marketing materials for new items.
The dinner menus (left) along with the beverage menus (right) had clip inserts to promote national campaigns such as brewery challenges or seasonal items such as cocktails.
As decor, we also created large posters (below) to display throughout the location to notify customers of other things such as charity events or local events. 
For each menu rollout, there would be revisions to account for menu removals or additions, ingredient changes, or promotional changes. At times, there would be a significant amount of new items, so we would rearrange the layout to accommodate them. With over 40 locations and different pricing levels, it took weeks to complete the latest iterations.
While working at WOB, I progressed my skills tremendously by working alongside the marketing team. We often met to discuss different ideas and how to improve them. The Senior Designer and I worked together to apply each design to print and online platforms which were later given to the Social Media Manager. Our Creative Director presented initial ideas that I brought to life with rounds of feedback. Creating works for print allowed me to present information in different ways and has now become my main design specialty.
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